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[iunclero.gif] Aunt Gloria & Uncle LeRoy - Thanksgiving, 1979

This is LeRoy Irvin Harrod, Jr, my father's brother. This photograph of him and his wife, my Aunt Gloria, is a Kodak Instant (the Polaroid clone) snapshot taken at their home in Washington, DC, on Thanksgiving Day, 1979. I had come down from Rochester, NY, where I was working at Xerox as a CAD/CAM programmer. I'll be adding another page with my journal entry about that visit (with additional snapshots by my mother and me) Real Soon Now.

19-May-95 Uncle LeRoy died today from complications following a massive stroke, a year after I had my stroke. Brian was with me at the time … we were scanning Polaroids of ourselves at the time. <sigh!> Click to read Uncle LeRoy's obituary. -=DAH=-

[~harrod/i51dahli.gif] Uncle LeRoy & me at age one - Kenyon St., 1951

[i791122.gif] Uncle LeRoy & me at age 29 - Thankgiving, 1979

[~carter/i900513.gif] Uncle LeRoy & Donna - Mother's Day, 1990

[950526] Uncle LeRoy's Funeral - May, 1995

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