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This you knows … I be Dennette@WiZ-WORX.com, the WebMaster for Virtual Tombstones™ and Virtual Water Holes™, and times past counting I done the Tell. But this ain't just anybody's Tell. This be the Tell for the Family of Octavia Rector Williams, the maternal grandmother of my first-cousins, Lynda & Lisa (the daughters of my father's brother.)

I be Dennette Arthur Harrod, Jr., the son of Dennette Arthur Harrod and Phyllis Greenfield. My father had a younger brother (Uncle LeRoy), and an older sister (Aunt Evelyn, or Mousie).

Uncle Leroy married Gloria Williams (Aunt Gloria), the daughter of Octavia Rector Williams and Lloyd Williams of Kansas City, MO. Aunt Gloria had a brother, Lloyd Herbert Williams, who in turn had children and grandchildren. His firstborn, Lyndon Williams, and I carried the coffins of both Aunt Gloria and Uncle LeRoy, who departed this life barely two years apart.

Lynda & Lisa called her "Grams" (which, at an early age, I assumed was a diminutive of "graham crackers"). She is still living in Washington, DC, although she is currently in a monitored care facility. Unfortunately, she has become quite senile in her own age, and mistakes her granddaughters for their mother. She has only gotten worse since Aunt Gloria's death, and was too far gone for Uncle LeRoy's death to register.

Visit Uncle LeRoy & Aunt Gloria's Family HomePage to meet Grams' daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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