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[950426b.gif] Evelyn Harrod Wilkins (mid 1970s) This is Mrs. Evelyn Bernice Harrod Wilkins, my father's older sister and the wife of Dr. Warren S. Wilkins, MD. We always called her Mousie. She was the firstborn of Viola Carter (Donna) and Irvin Harrod.

Uncle Warren had two sons by a previous marriage, Robert Edison Wilkins (Bobby) and Warren Seymour Wilkins, Jr. (Warren, Jr.). Since they are step-sons of Aunt Evelyn, we usually address each other as "cuz" to reinforce yet distinguish our family relationship … the children of your Aunts and Uncles are your Cousins, even if they are step-children. (Their nuclear family is part of your extended family.)

14-Jul-96 (Sun) Mousie passed away today. Read my jounal entry for July 14, 1996 ... it has more snapshots of her.

1996-11-27 (Wed) Created Mousie's Obituary.

[~wilkins/950706c4.htm] Evelyn with her mother, grandmother, (step) daughter-in-law, and (step) grandson in 1962

Me, Mousie & Pop - Thankgiving, 1978

[791122b.gif] Mousie & her mother (Donna )- Thankgiving, 1979

[900501.gif] Me, Donna & Mousie - Wash., DC - May, 1990

This is a photograph of Mousie from the 1940s. It was in the collection of her cousin Maurice Carter.

This is a photograph of Mousie with her brother, Dennette A. Harrod, Sr., my father. It was taken in our backyard on Kenyon St. in Washington, DC in April, 1960.

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