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This photo (taken in 1962) a little complicated to explain because the five generations are joined by marriage, not blood, so please bear with me …

The woman holding the baby is Florence Carter Thompson. The baby is Charles Robert Wilkins. They are related by marriage, not blood. He is her step-great-great-grandson.

The woman in the white blouse on the right is Evelyn Harrod Wilkins (Aunt Evelyn), one of Florence's granddaughters. The woman in the grey suit on the left is Viola Carter Harrod (Donna), Aunt Evelyn's mother and Florence's daughter. Donna is my father's mother, Aunt Evelyn is his sister.

Aunt Evelyn married Dr. Warren S. Wilkins, Sr. (Uncle Waren). He was a widower with two sons (Bobbie & Warren, Jr.). The woman standing in the back married his younger son, Robert Edison Wilkins (Bobbie). She is Mary Jane Guillory, and the baby in Floence's arms is her son. She is Aunt Evelyn's step-daughter-in-law.

This photo is from the collection of Viola Carter Harrod (Donna), my paternal grandmother.

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