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There is an interesting property to arbitrary chessboard configurations - it is impossible, unless the king is in check, to tell which player has the move (whose turn it is). Tightrope may be thought of as two puzzles in one because if it is white's turn, there is a forced mate-in-three (a classic knight combination), whereas black can force a mate-in-tour if given the first move (a queen sacrifice).

Position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation:

Win for white: 1. ♘f4g6+ ♕h7 2. ♘f8+ ♕h8 3. ♘e7-g6#

Win for black: 1. … ♕×a2+ 2. ♔×a2 ♘c3+ 3. ♔a3 ♖a8+ 4. ♗a6 ♖×a6#

A forced win for the first player

Ray-traced image created by DKBtrace.

This file is 1600x1200x16M colors; it is a very large file, and you should only grab it if you can handle 16M colors at this very high resolution. Click the image to copy it, i.e., SAVE AS ....

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