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undated: DeForest Kelley Obituary

2004-05-22: Richard Biggs passed away

2005-06-21: Somehow, this site got reviewed on Isotes Gnome last month ... never heard of them before, but hey, anything that drives traffic to one of my sites is a Good Thing.

2005-07-20: Mr. Scott makes one last Beam Up

2005-10-27: George Takei, ‘Mr. Sulu,’ says he’s gay

2006-01-06: Fox has finally released Space: Above and Beyond on DVD, something I've been waiting for ever since I got a DVD player ... all 23 episodes of the series on 5 double-sided DVDs ... the Down Side is that there are NO extras, and putting two episodes on each side looks like an attempt to keep folks from making illegal copies.

2006-04-24: Andreas Katsulas dies of cancer - see his official site


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