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DayBooks: September 11, 1993 (Sat) 00:38 - Freeman Lake

This entry has the file name 741123 because November 23, 1974 is the date on the model release signed by Joni Wiffen and witnessed by Chic. It states that Joni is entitled to "twenty five percent (25%)" of my net from sales of her pictures. Since I'm planning to transfer them to Photo CD for distribution, I've been going through the 800 images of her to "cull" the wasted frames.

I spent several weeks taking pictures of her in parks around Genesee County. We went out on four days during the summer of 1974, and had one studio session around the time she signed the release.

I have absolutely no idea of where Joni is living now, or if she is even still alive. Chic, on the other hand, just sent me her new address and telephone number. She and her partner for the last fifteen years have bought a farm. The last time I saw her (in 1982), one of the 16x20 Joni prints was hanging in her bathroom. She said she'd put it there so that she would see it often, especially as the first thing in the morning.

(90K) In the Tree

Joni - Rochester, NY - July 9, 1974

When Chic and I ended our relationship in 1975, she asked to take one photograph with her, and this is the one she chose. Joni is In the tree, lying on a branch and blending with the contour. You don't notice her at first; it's just an interesting "landscape" of the branches of a large tree. Then you notice that what you thought was a limb of the branch is in fact a nude female.

I found the original and a copy of the release with the 23 rolls of black and white negatives I shot back in 1974, along with two rolls of Kodachromes. Earlier this week I got my first Photo CD back from the processing lab - $149.00 to have 102 images transferred. I gave them one 36 exposure roll of b&w negatives (Joni, roll 11, 2nd roll of 09Jul74). This roll includes the frame (#31 of roll and on CD) that Chic has.

The two rolls of 20 exposure Kodachromes were also transferred. One roll is wood shots, the other roll is water shots. I also gave them a six exposure strip of color negatives - over and under exposures of a color target and model on "experimental" Kodak emulsion.

The final 20 images were color slides, originals and shots of matted b&w prints. Some of these slides are the only record of these images - I no longer have either the negative or the print. When I was working at Xerox, I had access to a photo bench, so I shot Ektachromes of all of my mounted prints - some of those prints got trashed over the various moves.

One image is truly recursive - it is a photograph of a wall covered with my photographs. This slide is a photo of the b&w print of b&w photo of a wall of b&w photos. The original negatives of these photos are long gone, and I'm about to transfer this second generation copy to CD. The wall is at the clinic in Johns Hopkins, so they are pre-R.I.T. photographs. They are mostly portraits of staff and patients. Photography was my occupational therapy during my residence.

Anywho, this rememberence is a place holder for The Wood Nymph, 20th Anniversary edition.

-=DAH=- 23-Nov-93

Selected DayBooks entries for 1974-75 that provide a more intimate portrait of my life during the time I took these pictures.

Note: Most of the images referenced from the thumbnails are about 150Kb in size.

2 June 74 - First session with Joni - three rolls.

07760021 07760023

5 June 74 - Second session with Joni - six rolls.

07760022 p7760022 07760024

9 July 74 - Third session with Joni - five rolls

07760028 p4250031 07760030 07760031 07760032

Entry for 26-Aug-74 has shots of Joni in the water.

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