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"NØTscape Certified", "NØTscape Certified&#153", "N0Tscape Certified(tm)", and "Nought-scape Certified is a trademark" are trademarks of Serious Cybernetix Corporation

"NØTscape Certified®" is not a registered trademark of anyone … yet. :-)

WWW Pages that are certified to conform to the INTERNET DRAFT HTML SPECIFICATION - 2.0 (28-Nov-94) carry the NØTscape Certified™ trademark. "Nought-scape" certification means that you loose nothing (nought) from the presentation, even if you're "bare-footing" the Web in "text-only" mode, i.e., all of the neat little icon anchors have an alternate text display, so you don't miss bupkiss.

NØTscape certification is in no way connected to the [ NOTscape Certified Logo 88x31 ]  NOTscape Certified Logo, a symbol that indicates the absence of animated Netscape Netscape HTML extensions, like tiled background patterns (wallpaper), blinking text, <CENTER>, etc.

OTOH, if you do not see the NØTscape Certified™ trademark, then you might not be seeing the Entire Page as intended by the author. If you are using Spry Mosaic, for example, then you are really missing a lot of the visual impact of the WWW page!

Lynx Friendly 1996-10-30 After viewing the Web from a text-only browser at a public library, I became aware of Lynx Friendly pages and certification tools for same, but I don't think I'll worry too much about that on my image-intensive pages.

HTML 3.2 Checked! 1997-04-01 Dennette's HomeBoy Page now uses HTML 3.2 (1997-01-14) features, and a lot of these pages (like this one) have passed the rigors of A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Valid HTML 4.01! 2002-08-22 Dennette's HomeBoy Page has been using HTML 4.01 (1999-12-24) for Quite Some Time now.

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NØTscape Certified™