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"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people."   — Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

International Mensa HomePageMensa is an international society whose sole requirement for qualification for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on any of a number of standardized tests.

American Mensa HomePage All inquiries should be addressed to American Mensa, 1229 Corporate Drive West, Ft. Worth, TX 76006-6103. Telephone answered 24 hours a day: 817-607-0060. For more information click here.

Being in Mensa means never having to tell anyone your I.Q.

I joined Mensa back in 1980 while living in Rochester, NY. My main reason for joining was to have something to put up on my resume to compensate for the lack of a Bachelor's Degree in anything in spite of having accumulated more credits than most graduate students -- it was just spread out over two uncompleted majors!

Leading Mensans is like herding cats.

I met my second wife at the Canadian Mensa Annual Gathering in 1982, and was very active in Southeast Michigan Mensa while we were married. (In 1984, I was interviewed by Ebony.) I've been assigned to Boston Mensa since 1988 (Metropolitan Washington Mensa since 2001), and have never been to one of their monthly meetings, even though I bought a Life Membership before the dues increase in 1989.

Although Mensa's constitution specifically prohibits the organization from endorsing or espousing any opinions on any issue at all, there are some of us who like to believe that there is a Hidden Agenda: the "subjugation and exploitation of the Lower 98", as we like to call the non-qualified. :-)

BTW, Mensans can still say or do things that are stupid or dumb (though rarely both at the same time), and when in the company of other Mensans, the appropriate response is a unanimous chorus of, "Re-test!"

If you had the most tenuous grasp of psychology, you would understand that my pompousness and arrogance stem from the fact that deep down I suspect myself of being an asshole.

I started this page before there was an American Mensa Home Page on the Web. I figure that after you've mentioned a subject on three pages, it deserves a page of its own, and if I can't find one to reference, then I make MyVeryOwnPage. Well, WebCrawler turned up this URL when some civilian did a search on "Mensa Boston", so I decided it was time to give it over to Somebody Else so that it could be used as the Boston Mensa HomePage … but the ExComm beat me to the punch, so that's where you'll find the beaucoup URLs that used to be on this page.

29-Apr-96 - Right now I'm going to commit one of those "Acts Inimicable to Mensa" that can get me thrown out … I'm going to suggest that you save your money and not bother to join.

What I'm saying is that there is a lot of Bad Karma going on with the Mensa Web site, and the level of hypocracy has just gotten Too Deep for my tastes. One of the members did her Ph.D. research on prostitutes in Bangkok and wrote a book about it. The Mensa WebMaster removed her URL from the Member's page because it was too "commercial", an interesting euphamism for "objectionable". (Read the e-mail messages about it)

I have always prided myself as an anarchist, but what's going on here is just chaos, and to be quite honest, if it weren't for the fact that I've already paid for a Life Membership, I would not bother to renew after this year.

The bottom line is that you'll find the same percentage of ass-holes in any group, and Mensa is no exception. The problem is that these particular ass-holes are smarter than 98% of the population, and that makes them dangerous ass-holes, because they're able to create so much more damage.

OTOH, you could do like 98% of the card carrying members of Mensa do … carry the card simply to impress and intimidate your co-workers and total strangers, and NEVER attend a meeting or function. If your ego can be appeased for $45 a year (or whatever the membership dues are these days), and you can afford it, then go ahead. But I'll never again suggest that joining Mensa would be a Good Thing for anyone to do.

1997-03-06: Check out my new Double Feature Video SIG

1997-06-02: I just realized that there was no link to my op/ed piece (i.e., <flame!>) on The Anti Gifted Movement that was published in last month's issue of the local newsletter.

1998-12-22: American Mensa has a new Webmaster, and they're changing the rules again ... you have to get a SafeSurf rating and put it on your page, and (in my case) there were copyright issues regarding the logo. (I had to remove my wallpaper that used it. <sigh!>) Like I said over two years ago, if I weren't already a Life Member, I'd proably not be a card-carrying member today.

2000-03-26: I got an e-mail message from this really racist anal orifice about a page I posted in 1997 ... this is a perfect example of why I have not been to a Mensa meeting for the past decade.

2001-09-10: I sent a letter to the editor of the national newsletter (they didn't print it) about the suggestion that membership requirements be lowered to 95th percentile for minorities.

2003-09-24: I happened to use the "RANDOM" link on the WebRing, and found someone whose page was using the Mensa logo background that I created and National made me remove back in 1998 ... so I decided to start using it again and see if the 'Net Nazis notice. :-)

Truth to tell, I don't mind finding my original grafix on Other Peoples' Pages, 'cause that's what the paradigm's all about ... sharing ... I see my stuff on other Star Trek® pages all the time. But seeing someone else getting away with it kinda forced me to restore the link, if only out of artistic integrity ... it's still my intellectual property, don't ya know?!

2005-09-24: Even though I've been living here for the past 4 years, I neglected to add a link for Metropolitan Washington Mensa, my official local group (based on my Zip Code) ... not that I have that much occasion to visit their site, but in the interest of completeness ... and for the surfers.

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