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My father, Capt. Dennette Arthur Harrod, Sr., US Army Ret., was an officer in the 366th Infantry Regiment during World War II. These were the Buffalo Soldiers (92nd DIV) of the Italian Campaign. They fought on the ground with the 5th Army and defended the airfields of the Tuskegee Airmen (99th FS, 332nd FG) who flew escort missions with the bombers of the 15th Air Force. Pop's unit was the vanguard of the Allied liberation of Rome in 1944.

My father's nuclear family includes his mother, his siblings and their spouses, and my godfather, an immigrant from British Guyana who was raised by my paternal grandmother along with my father and his siblings.

This group photo (640x480x256 - date unknown, but sometime in the mid-1970s) commemorates a reunion of my godfather's medical school class from Howard University This nuclear family group includes my parents, my grandmother, and my aunts and uncles, who all shared a table as his guests. From left to right, they are:

Donna & Pattie My father's mother and matriarch of the Harrod Family, Viola Carter Harrod, (known affectionately as Donna), with her 1st cousin and life-long companion, Pattie M. Carter. (Their mothers were sisters.) They are both dead now.

Mousie My father's sister, Evelyn Harrod Wilkins, known affectionately as Mousie. Her husband, Dr. Warren S. Wilkins, MD, passed away in the early 1960s. She passed away a year after her youngest brother, LeRoy.

Pop & Mom My father, Dennette A. Harrod, Sr and my mother, Phyllis Greenfield Harrod.

Uncle Eddie & Aunt Anne My godfather, Dr. Edward L. C. Broomes, MD and his wife, Anne Broomes.

[lih&gwh.htm] Uncle LeRoy & Aunt Gloria My father's brother, Leroy I. Harrod, and his wife, Gloria Williams Harrod. (They are both dead now.)

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