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This is my godfather, Dr. Edward L. C. Broomes, MD, Hon. Consul for the Midwestern States of America for the Republic of Guyana. Uncle Eddie and his wife, Ann, live in the Chicago area, where he still prctices medicine. The have a son, Claude, who I haven't seen since the 1960s when I stayed with them for a few weeks one summer.

[950426d.gif] Dr. & Mrs. Edward Broomes (mid-1970s)

Uncle Eddie's father sent him to America from Guyana as a teenager in the 1930s. My father met the day he arrived, and brought him home. My grandmother raised him along with her three children, Mousie, Uncle LeRoy, and Pop, as well as their 1st cousin Earl Harrod.

Uncle Eddie holding me at age one - Kenyon St., 1951

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