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This is my father, Capt. Dennette Arthur Harrod, Sr. He was born on August 2, 1917 in Steelton, PA, to Viola (Donna) Carter and James LeRoy "Irvin" Harrod.


Pop in 1941


Pop in 1994


Pop in 1997

Pop grew up with his older sister Evelyn (Mousie) Wilkins, his younger brother LeRoy I. Harrod, and several surrogate siblings. Donna raised several other children who were not her own just as if they were her's, including Dr. Edward L. C. Brooms (my godfather) and Earl Harrod, my father's 1st cousin. Pop is a graduate of Howard University, and holds a Masters Degree in Management from American University.

During World War II, my father was an officer in the 366th Infantry Regiment, an all-black unit (Buffalo Soldiers) that fought in Italy, and he was awarded three Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars . Many of his fellow officers were either high school or college classmates, and some of them advanced quite far in the military after the war, while others became professionals and politicians. Many, like my father, became career civil servants. He is president of the 366th Infantry Regiment Veterans Association, a non-profit corporation that provides WWW home pages for the anscestors and descendants of its members.

When I was a teenager, Pop was with the U.S. State Department, an Assistant Under-Secretary for Southeast Asian Affairs, and spent several months in the Saigon Embassy during one of the Tet Offensives. I have photographs of him with two U.S. Presidents … Lyndon B. Johnson (taken in the Oval Office with Duke Ellington) and Bill Clinton. When I was a junior in high school, he asked me if I wanted to go to West Point … but those are Tells for Some Other Time.

[F.E.Thompson FPS HomePage] Florence Carter Thompson was my father's maternal grandmother. They say that "maternity is never in doubt, but you take paternity on faith in your mother's honesty", so Great Grandma Thompson was my father's mother's mother. I attended her funeral while a freshman in college.

[A.A.Harrod FPS HomePage]Arthur Albert Harrod was my father's paternal grandfather. He died before I was born, and he was one of the eight sons of James Harrod, about whom I know bupkiss.

Pop died on 2000-03-23 at the age of 82. He is survived by myself, my mother (Phyllis Greenfield Harrod ), my sister (Phyllisolive Harrod), and her son (my nephew, Vincent Dennette Ratliff).

Pictures of my father with famous people …

64dahsr"Duke" Ellington & Lyndon B. Johnson in the White House

950630c"Count" Basie - Mom & Pop stayed on his Caribbean island for a weekend in the 1970s

94dahsr Pres. Bill Clinton presenting a Certificate of Appreciation from the Congressional Black Caucus to the 366th Infantry Veterans Association on the 50th Anniverary of victory in World War II.

97dahsr Pres. Bill Clinton and my father at the White House on 1997-01-13 after the Medal of Honor ceremony for Lt. John R. Fox of the 366th Infantry Regiment.

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