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This you knows … I be Lurks At Water Holes, the WebMaster for Virtual Tombstones™, and times past counting I done the tell. But this ain't just one body's tell. This be the tell of us all … the descendants of Dr. Vincent Marshall Greenfield, my mother's father. So 'members what you hears today, 'cause you gots to tell it to them what's birthed tomorrow.

I be Dennette Arthur Harrod, Jr. , the second born of Phyllis Thelma Greenfield and Capt. Dennette Arthur Harrod .

My grandmothers be Thelma Armstrong (Jones) Greenfield and Viola (Carter) Harrod , my father's mother.

I be grandson of both Dr. Vincent Marshall Greenfield and James LeRoy "Irvin" Harrod , my father's father.

This be the Tell for the family of Dr. Vincent M. Greenfield. The Tells for these other ancestors be elsewhere - just follow the blue URLs as if they be the Yellow Brick Road, and sure enough you'll soon be findin' out for yerself why Some People call me The Wiz and you ain't in Kansas anymore!

Visit the Greenfield Family Snapshots Page and Dennette Jr's Extended Family HomePage to meet my parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

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