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click to enlarge 2002-09-15 This is Chiana on the day I met her at the District of Columbia Animal Shelter (operated by the Washington Humane Society) ... she took to me right away and didn't want to let go of me to go back into the cage. She was called Bonnie at the time, and had just been brought in the day before with her brother, Clyde. I filled out the application for her on Sunday, had the home inspection on Wednesday, and picked her up on Thursday.

click to enlarge 2002-09-19 On the way home, I stopped by my sister's house so that she could meet her. (I changed the batteries in the digital camera and forgot to reset the clock, so the dates on the pictures are wrong!) She's a Maine Coon (like FurFace), grey tiger-stipe with white. They said she was seven months old, and her birthdate is listed as 2002-02-14, which was Valentine's Day. Actually, that's just seven months from the day that she was brought to the shelter, but we'll keep it anyway.

When FurFace crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I honored her with the ancient Egyptian custom of shaving my eyebrows for a month ... as you can see in this shot, they had not fully grown back yet. :-)

When we got home, she hopped into the bathtub, so I threw a towel in for her to lay on ... it didn't take her long to find another place to hide ... she was obviously suffering separation anxiety from her sibling, and everything in the apartment smelled of FurFace, but she gets more used to the place with each passing day.

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click to enlarge A few hours later, she had calmed down a bit, and sat still long enough for this portrait. BTW, she's named after a character from Farscape, a science fiction series on cable TV. (See what Wikipedia has to say about her!)

Farscape has been cancelled ... please sign the petition to keep it on the air!

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2002-10-10 Here's some new pictures ... it took some doing to catch one of her carrying a balloon in her mouth, but that wasn't as hard as catching her with her tongue hanging out ... I often find her sleeping with it hanging out, but as soon as I get the camera, she wakes up and sucks it back in!
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2002-10-30 Well, she seems to enjoy the Kitty Can't Cope Sack, and I decided that since she is grey, I'd do a gray-scale posterization of her to use a wallpaper on the laptop PC, Orion.
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2002-11-09 We had two breakthroughs yesterday ... as I was driving out of the parking garage, I saw Chiana in the living room window, and last night, we played hide&seek for the first time.
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[Clao's Golden Trophy] 2005-02-23 It's been a while since I've added anything to this page ... see her 1st award ... Chiana is now officially three years old, and we have really bonded ... she'll sleep under the covers with me, curled up in the crook of my armpit, but only if I'm on my right side ... she's still very much the chewer (I've had to fix the telephone cord in the bedroom twice in the past year), but she's also very much the Lap Cat, with an easily activated purr motor.

Although her fur has changed from grey to brown, and she really seems to resemble FurFace in many ways, she is still very much Her Own Cat ... she doesn't care much for popcorn, but she enjoys pizza crusts ... not corn chips, but donoughts ... she's starting to like egg drop soup.

I guess I just haven't been obsessing on her the way I did with FurFace, and that's not necessarily a Bad Thing ... maybe it was my anticipation of her impending departure that compelled me to document her so frequently, and she still comes up in conversation whenever I talk about Chiana, but after two years together, we're no longer "getting acquainted", and I really should post some of the images I've taken of her with my digital camera and cell phone.


2006-05-14 I bought this little bed for Chiana before I brought her home from the shelter years ago, but she never took to it, so I stuck it in a closet. A few weeks ago, I stuck it back in her Sunny Spot by the floor-to-ceiling window that faces south, and it's become her new home during daylight hours. Of course, now that I think about it, FurFace was probably 8 years old before I bought her's ... prior to that, she preferred empty boxes and paper bags, but I bought a bed for the bay window when we moved to the cottage on the lake.


2006-10-04 Well, it's been 4 years since Chiana became a part of my life. She's outgrown her wire chewing problem ... I used to have to lock her in the bedroom with me at night, and when I left the apartment for more than an hour, but now she is free to roam all the time. In fact, when I retire to the bedroom for the night, she soon comes to join me! She only sleeps on my right side, and although I was able to get her to snuggle under the covers with me for up to 30 minutes, she no longer tolerates it ... but she does snuggle near my chest, instead of at the foot of the bed as she used to do.

Last summer, when I went to New Mexico for a few weeks, I left an automatic feeder with dry kibble for her ... when I came back, I found that she had eaten the entire bag (which should have lasted a month) in only 10 days, and she was a little butter-ball! I reduced her intake, and gave her mostly moist food after that, but she's still Pretty Big (much larger and heavier than FurFace), and now I feel funny calling her "little girl." She's kept my spirits up in spite of my depression, and she's no longer the Hell Cat she was for the first year or so ... even her halatosis has improved, so I no longer refer to her as "brimstone breath."



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