Dennette! Who is this "Dennette" person?

"I'm one of the most famous people about whom you've never heard."

Dennette with another Famous Person
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"I'm world famous in Japan!"

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Enter the world of a pioneering mercenary in the Information Revolution
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2005-09-10: I did a Google on " Dennette" and found 18,300 links ... that's still an order of magnitude less than for " Arsenio" with over 2 million! :-)


2007-07-23: As a result of my resume coming up as the first link returned by a Google search for "Dennette", I have been using these cards for about two years now ... since 2005, I have been carrying a Swiss Army penknife with a 1Gb flash drive (in a leather holder on my belt) that contains a bootable Linux distribution ... if your PC can boot from a USB device, then I can just plug in my drive, and reboot your machine in Damn Small Linux.

2008-07-08: Now Dennette's HomeBoy Page comes up first ... since I started it in 1995, which was before we had a word for blogging, I guess this makes it one of the oldest and longest running blogs. :-)

2008-10-06: My Wikipedia page is still a work-in-progress ... see My Family Tree.

2009-02-17: A Google search for "Dennette" now returns 103,000 links. :-)

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