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This page is also known as the Root of the Yellow Brick Road (YBR). This is the highest level of the URL tree, but it does not contain all of the URLs that comprise Dennette's HomeBoy Page … as a matter of fact, this page contains URLs to some of my pages on other servers, such as my WiZ WORX business pages, which are located on a disk farm run by Protocol Communications in Minneapolis, MN. (My current local dial-up PPP links me at 28.8K to The Internet Access Company in the Boston, MA area - that's the on/off-ramp for Brucilla, the server for the page you are currently reading.)

-=DAH=- 13-Mar-96

2004-12-12 There have been some changes in my life since I last updated this page ... not the least of which is that I have embraced another piece of 21st Century technology, and no I can surf my Web pages from my cell phone ... since it also has a built-in camera, I've stopped carrying the Kodak digital, although I've yet to transfer an image from the phone to my networked PCs yet.

Browsing with a cell phone has changed a lot since Brian first showed me a text-only version nearly a decade ago ... my patterend backgrounds look good, and the thumbnails and icons are just the right size ... the only real changes I've had to make were to a few pages where I replaced the tables of icons with a single, centered column, so it doesn't try to squeeze three icon captions into three single character vertical columns.

So, my current disk farm is, located in Vancouver, WA. My current on-ramp is through Verizon DSL on the land-line to my apartment. From the router/firewall, I have two desktops (Brucilla and Zathras) and a laptop (Orion) hooked together in a wireless network that's faster than my DSL connection.

The laptop is a dual-boot of either Win98 or Linux (RedHat 9.0, downloaded onto six CD-ROMs), and the Linux side can mount drives on either of the desktops ... I have even compiled WIZUTILS in both operating systems, simultaneously on two different machines, with the source located in directories of only one of them.

Brucilla has been off the network since I brain-damaged it back into a Win95 machine so I could play some legacy games, like the original Tomb Raider ... I have a hack for it that plays Lara Croft in the nude, but I can't get the sound to work with Win98 ... other games, like Aces of the Pacific just don't get enough free base RAM with Win98, but Win95 uses about 32K less RAM, and doesn't usurp the game/sound ports ... I can even play the 16 color version of Flight of the Intruder again, if I open a 4DOS shell.

And that's the news from the Nation's Capitol. -=DAH=-

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