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I am the Guardian (WebMaster) for several Family Preservation Societies. Although I have been married twice, I do not have any children, so all of this work is really for the children of my cousins, and for their children. They will grow up in an environment where Internet access will be available through their school even if they do not have a computer at home. Through my efforts, they will be able to learn about their great-grandpartents and see their pictures.

My father and namesake commanded a combat infantry company during the Italian Campaign in World War II. He was a member of the 366th Infantry Regiment, the Buffalo Soldiers. You've heard of the Tuskegee Airmen , the "colored fighter pilots" of the 99th FS (332nd FG, 15th AF) … well, the Army needed colored soldiers to guard their bases because the white soldiers refused the duty.

[home_366.gif] The 366th Infantry Regiment Veteran's FPS is a nonprofit coproration that offers archival WWW storage in perpetuity for any member of the regiment. The FPS pages are free for the generations from their grandparents to their grandchildren. For example, Arthur Albert Harrod was my father's paternal grandfather, and Florence Carter Thompson was my father's maternal grandmother. I have Harrod and Carter cousins who are not related to each other, but their FPS HomePages can be linked to our common anscestor.

Here is an index of my connection to the Five Founding Families of Virtual Tombstones™. The first three are blood-kin to me.

[harrod/index.html] The Arthur Albert Harrod FPS Home Page - My father's paternal grandfather.

[carter/index.htm] The Florence Carter Thompson FPS HomePage - My father's maternal grandmother.

[greenfld/index.html] The Dr. Vincent Marshall Greenfield FPS HomePage - My maternal grandfather.

The last two are related to me by marriage to my father's siblings, Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Evelyn.

[wilkins/index.html] The Dr. Warren Seymour Wilkins, MD FPS Home Page - My father's brother-in-law (Uncle Warren).

[williams/index.html] The Octavia Rector Williams FPS Home Page - The mother of my father's sister-in-law (Aunt Gloria).

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