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Smiley Face on Mars

page 27, panel 2 In Chapter IX, on page 27, the second panel is part of a zoom-out from the surface of the planet Mars. It shows a crater with a few large boulders and a ridge that make it look like the Comedian's smiley-face button.

The September, 1976 issue of Sky & Telescope contains a satellite composite of the feature, and a map of the area. I've added a green line to each for reference. On the map, the crater is labled as "BHALCE".

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2006-01-03: Found another NASA image of the crater.

big photo    big map    new photo

2006-03-14: Check out Google Mars ... search for "Galle Crater" or "face".

Google Mars

2006-04-14: Found more articles and pictures ... Happy Face on Mars Exposed and 'Happy face' crater on Mars

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