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OK, I admit it - I'm forty-six sixty years old and I still collect comic books. OTOH, there is Great Profit to be had, as I recently rediscovered.

There was a box of Marvel Silver Age comics in the attic in my parent's house - Amazing Spiderman, X-Men - we're talking low numbers here, vintage Kirby from the middle 1960s - thirty year old twelve and fifteen cent comic books, lovingly acquired and sometimes fought over on the way home from school at a corner store that was demolished a quarter of a century ago.

Long story short - I found 155 comics in GD to VF condition with an Overstreet catalog value of over two thousand dollars. This is what I call Money For Nothing.

Yeah, I still collect comics. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

OK, first off, let's make a distinction between the comic books for pre-adolescents and the kinds of graphic novels being written for "mature readers". You're not going to find any Archie or Donald Duck comics on this page, although I will not vouch for URLs further down the pike.

Most of my fellow comix nerds are much more obsessive-compulsive about their hobby than I am. I collect what I like, and some of these collections go back 20 years, so we're talking unbroken sequences of over one hundred issues on less than half a dozen titles. You see, the stuff I like invariably gets cancelled after a few years, so I have several complete collections of titles that ran less than fifty issues. <sigh!>

For those of you who have not picked up a comic in, oh, say fifteen or twenty years, here are the most important things you need to know:

More to come later. Enjoy what's here for now … These are comix that I still enjoy, but I am NOT going to spend a lot of time scanning stuff and making HTML files to show them off. OTOH, I'll add links to Other People's Pages as I find them, assuming they are worthy of such a link. (If I won't waste my time, why should I waste yours?)

[Watchmen HomePage] Now I'm going to tell you about a work of Modern Literature that changed my life, and your kids are going to grow up with it as Required Reading when they get to college. It's called Watchmen, and it deserves it's own page to explain. Suffice it to say that it will explain why these comix pages all have this smiley face with a drop of blood on it.

[Omaha HomePage] "Omaha"™ The Cat Dancer (by Reed Waller) is a "funny animal" (or anthropomorphic) comic where the characters all have human bodies and animal heads. However, it has an erotic theme. They engage in a lot of very graphic sexual acts, both hetero and homosexual, but all within the context of deep, meaningful relationships between devoted partners … except for the orgies and an occasional menage a trois. This is not for your children or your mother!

[QT Bunny HomePage] Cutey Bunny™ by Josua Quagmire. This is another anthropomorphic, and while this Chocolate Bunny is not as sexually explicit as Omaha™, she's still fun to read. I have recently started a conversation by e-mail with her creator, Joshua Quagmire, and maybe I'll convert some of our messages to HTML for posterity.

Speaking of "furry animals", Compu$erve has a Really Neat on-line strip that changes daily. Check out Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook, the adventures of a 90s kinda family ... a rabbit married to a wolf, and their teen-aged kids from their previous marriages.

[Brucilla, the Muscle] Starstruck by Elaine Lee & Michael Kalita. A serialized (and explanded) graphic novel about a couple of female adventurers in the far, far, future. I was particularly captivated by one of the charachers, Brucilla "The Muscle", and even went so far as to name one of my PCs after her.

My Harley Quinn Page Psychotic, blond clowns ... ya gotta love 'em! Here's my page dedicated to Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist who fell in love with The Joker, which is its own punishment, if truth be told.

Since 1989, Michael Vance has written Suspended Animation, a weekly review column about comic books and strips that currently runs in 12 publications and on several web-sites for a weekly readership of about 204,405. You may wish to check it out.

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