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This is a scan of photos I borrowed from my cousin Vondell Carter during the summer of 1995. This is one of several scans I made on 09-Oct-95.

This is a typical sheet ... eight people in eight pictures, and I can't identify half of them. No names or dates on any of them. <sigh!>

951009b0 Great-grandma Florence Thompson at age 95 (1970)

von&wynd Vondell & Wyndell Carter (1980s)

951009b2 Marion Carter (1950s)

951009b3 Marion Carter (1930s)

951009b4 Maurice & ??? (1980s)

951009b5 ??? & ??? (1980s)

951009b6 Wyndell's Wife, Cora ??? (1980s)

951009b7 One of Wyndell's sons ??? (1980s)

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