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[nonudes.htm] Warning: Some of the photographs referenced from this page contain nudity or partial nudity of a woman (my first ex-spousal unit :-), but none of the images are erotic. Most are suitible for family viewing and discussion, i.e., we're talking PG-13 here! Semi-nude means "No Naughty Bits", and Nude means you might not want Mom (or the kids) to see it -- "Viewer Discretion Is Advised."

Day Books: September 17, 1993 (Fri) 10:42pm - Freeman Lake

My first wife, Beth, was the only child of a couple who married late. Her father, Leonid Bodanow, came to the USA from Ukrania as a boy, sometime before World War II. My father and I met him over a year before I met her. We opened a checking account for me during Freshman Week when I came to RIT in 1968, and Leonid was the branch manager. Beth started at RIT the following year, and I met her in the spring of 1970. [Photo of DAHarrod - RIT Yearbook, 1970]
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How I Did This
Wedding Day, 1972
Wedding Day, 1972
Beth was very insecure, and was used to a lot of attention, having been an only child whose parents were grand-parent age when she was born. The marriage ended because she slept around; she even gave me a case of clap once.

Since the summer of 1967, when I was 17 years old, I decided that I wanted to make my living by being paid to take pictures of naked women. (Hey, it beats picking cotton!) Beth knew this when I met her. The problem was, she was very insecure about her breast size, and made my life a living hell as a result. She didn't what me to see other women nude because that would mean that her body wasn't good enough for me.

My sister bought me a subscription to Playboy magazine for my 16th birthday. Beth made me stop reading it because, "You only want to see women with big breasts, which means that my breasts are not big enough for you!" To placate her, I would sometimes do nudes of her, especially to work on lighting setups. I never would have thought that shooting nudes could be an "odious chore", but she was not a cooperative model, either.

For a while, we lived in a town house with a basement, so I had my studio and darkroom there. She was a real bitch on the day of a session with a model. I had to get her out of the house durng the shoot because she was so pissy, and life was Not Good for days afterwards.

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-=DAH=- 17-Sep-93 (Freeman Lake)

2008-01-10: I got a phone call from one of Beth's daughters last week, followed by an email from the other one ... I sent her a Very Long Reply about my last 30 years since I last saw her mother in 1974.

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