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Day Books: Tuesday, 1997-05-27 02:38 EST - Freeman Lake

book cover Pacific Warriors, Inc., a martial arts publisher in California, has released Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race Volume 1 - betleH yIqel by HetaQ DoqwI' ... Check It Out!

My copy arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and I am nearly finished construction of two plywood betleH for practice ... on the assumption that I can find a partner. :-)

This book introduces an ancient Klingon® style of martial arts known as ro' Doq, or Red Fist, which is characterized by its low stances and strong upper body. Training with the betleH, the well-known Sword of Honor, is just one of the many aspects of ro' Doq.

The majority of the text (and the 250 photographs of positions and movements) is devoted to a betleH training set known as SIS 'Iw or "Rain of Blood". The set is broken down into twelve lessons, and each lesson is in turn broken down into a half a dozen postures or moves.

SIS 'Iw consists of 74 postures, with the last being identical to the first ... when performed correctly, you return to your starting position as well.

Salt and Pepper When I can perform the complete SIS 'Iw from memory, I can send a video tape of my performance and fifty dollars to get comments and a certificate of accomplichement with a rating. Then I will have earned the title ro' Doq vaj, or Red Fist Warrior.


Anywho, this has been good therapy for me in my recovery from my stroke a few years ago ... I'm up to the third lesson ... working on posture 13.

I bought an aluminum betleH a few years ago, but with Paramount sending Cease&Desist nasty-grams to trademark violators, they have since folded their tents and disappeared into the night. <sigh!>

It came with these really cheesey, imitation leather automobile steering wheel cover wrappings for the handles ... I took them off and used it for a template to cut two more out of plywood. I was going to make them identical, with dark-stained wood handles, then I decided to make one light with dark handles and the other one dark with light handles. I call them Salt and Pepper. :-)

meqleH Pacific Warriors, Inc. has announced another book for the meqleH, a single-hand weapon kind of like a hatchet ... this has become Worf's weapon of choice over the betleH since moving to Deep Space Nine.

Oh, yeah ... I found a site on the Web that offers Alien Battle Swords for reasonable prices. Due to trademark restrictions, you cannot find them by searching for the keywords KLINGON or betleH.

Klingon® is a registered trademark of Paramount Logo Paramount Pictures.

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