Picture of BLAZON


SHIELD: Azure (blue), a lion rampant (rising with fore paws in the air, as if attacking) Or (gold).

CREST: From a wreath (roll of two colors) Or and Azure (gold and blue) a lozenge Gules (red diamond) charged with (bearing) a mullet Argent (white five-point star) above a demi-trident (three-point spear head) of the first (gold), between two lightning bolts pilewise (wedge shaped) of the like (gold) and all upon a wreath of laurel and oak Proper (in their natural color).

MOTTO: A scroll Argent (white) edged Gules (red) inscribed "AUDE ET EFFICE" Azure (blue).

SEAL: The complete coat of arms in full color as in the blazon upon a white field enclosed by a blue oval border edged on the outside with gold rope and bearing the name USS HOPPER at top and DDG 70 in base all in gold.


SHIELD: Blue and gold are traditionally used by the Navy. The lion, a symbol of strength and courage, stands for the USS Hopper's characteristics of survivability and alludes to the ship's motto ( DARE AND DO ). The rampant lion has been adapted from the arms of Scotland and refers to Rear Admiral Hopper's heritage. Gold stands for excellence; blue is for devotion to duty.

CREST: The lozenge, traditionally used in the coats of arms of women, honors Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. Her distinction as the first woman to achieve the rank of rear admiral is represented by the single silver star. The trident symbolizes her love for the United States Navy and her Naval service, the focus of her life's work. The lightning bolts, framing the bottom of the shield, connote the image of ship's hull cutting through the sea. They also represent the sophistication and power of the Aegis warship, in large part made possible by Admiral Hopper's pioneering work in the computer field. The wreath consists of laurel and oak representing honor and strength. Red denotes courage and sacrifice; gold stands for excellence.

MOTTO: The Latin phrase "AUDE ET EFFICE" translates into the English phrase "DARE AND DO", in context of a command. RADM Hopper was frequently quoted using this phrase when issuing advice. The phrase captures the spirit of RADM Hopper in her quest for pushing the limits of conventional thinking and looking beyond the norm for innovative solutions and approaches to problem solving. The simple phrase, in Latin, exemplifies the essence of Admiral Hopper's spirit while paying tribute to her tremendous academic achievements.

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