Hopper HomePage Computer whiz retires from Navy

Detroit Free Press / Friday, Aug. 15, 1986 (page 4A)

BOSTON - (UPI) - Rear Adm. Grace Murray Hopper, at 79 the Navy's oldest and highest ranking woman commissioned officer on active duty, retired Thursday in ceremonies aboard the Navy's oldest commissioned warship, the Constitution.

Hopper is regarded as the grandmother of the computer age and is credited with developing COBOL, one of the first computer languages.

Navy Secretary John Lehman presented Hopper with the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Department of Defense's top award. She served the Navy for 43 years. Hopper was named the first fellow of the Computer Museum by its director and president, Gwen Bell.

Hopper has published more than 50 papers on software and programming languages and is given credit for devising the computer term "bug". In 1969, the Data Processing Management Association selected her as the first Computer Sciences "Man of the Year."

Click for AP Photo of RADM Hopper.

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