Day Books: 06-Jul-95 (Thu) Washington, DC

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I spent the last few days going through Donna's drawers in her bedroom at the house on Kenyon Street, the house my father bought when I was born, the house in which I grew up. My paternal grandmother has been dead for five years now, and the house is currently occupied by her daughter, my Aunt Evelyn. (For those of you who can't figure it out from the clues, Aunt Evelyn is my father's sister.)

This is one sheet of scans I've made this week.

WARNING: These URLs should remain stable, because this page lives in the same directory as the Day Book entries for 1995, the ultimate home of most of the images.

951009a Vondell Carter's younger days

951009b Yer basic shoebox … Donna with her mother, daughter, and step/foster relations.

951009c Wyndell, Benjamin, Warren, and Viola Carter

951009d Miscellaneous Polaroids from 1995

That is all I have to say. -=DAH=- 07-Jul-95

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