Dream Walk: The Day Uncle LeRoy Died

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DayBooks: 19-May-95 (Fri) Freeman Lake

Showing off the scanner to Brian -- took some Polaroids® and did a digital posterization of Joni In the Tree from the original negative (on a PhotoCD).

360x240x16 colors made from scanned slide of a print

He taught me a new acronym today -- "S0C1", pronounced "sock-one" from "System Zero Charlie One". Today's quiz, boys&girls … Is sock-one

  1. a Warning Message,
  2. a Fatal Exception,
  3. Serious Bad Karma, or
  4. all of the above?

19-May-95 (Fri) 18:06:54 - Freeman Lake

Pop just called to say that Uncle LeRoy passed away at around 14:00 this afternoon, with Mousie at his bedside. The hospital called him after he went into cardiac arrest, and Pop arrived at the hospital at around 15:45. I never thought that the last time I talked to him would also be the last time he'd ever talk to me -- I was planning to take him one of my canes (purchashed last year following my stroke) when I drive down next month.

-=DAH=- 19-May-95

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