Day Books: 1994 - The Month of January

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Wherein your humble host and narrator goes to an IGES meeting in Phoenix, AZ, and a new chapter of Lambda Lambda Lamda fraternity is formed.

January 1, 1994 - Freeman Lake Rationalizing Absolution for a Wicked Thing

January 11, 1994 (Tue) 2:56 PM Lowell, MA

Didn't realize it had been so long since I made an entry ... been doing a lot of scanning, and the first entries for the year are on Brucilla.

Went to the unemployment office today, and discovered that I am not eligible for benefits because I have not had another job since my layoff. Looked at the computer postings, but they "closed the door" early today will have to go back early tomorrow.

January 15, 1994 (Sat) 6:32 PM Franklin, MA

Waiting for the movie to start (Pelican Brief) ... Just had supper with Brian&Jan.

Later - watched a taped episode of ST:TNG [#264: The Pegasus], and Jan noticed that it was directed by LaVar Burton, so we played "Where's Geordi?" to spot him quietly standing at his post on the bridge. Really good dramatic tension … deep moral dilemma … mutiny on the bridge!

January 17, 1994 (Mon) 1:09 AM Drum Hill D&D

Lack of cigarettes finally drove me out into the bitter cold (below zero when we left the theater last night.) There is a forest growing on the frozen lake ... three former Christmas trees planted in drilled holes that are collinear.

Kitty Rendle called last week she got laid off in the last round, and is moving to a place down the road from Marsh Giguere. Her Unitarian parish is looking for speakers from different religions, so she asked me for someone on Islam. I've been scanning my three copies of Koran to send her translations of the same two surrahs … something else to mail before I leave.

January 18, 1994 (Tue) 11:22 AM Lowell, MA

Waiting at Towne Line Tire while they do an oil change and alignment on the Adm. Gracie ... I'm planning to disassemble Brucilla for packing tonight, and leave around 09:00 tomorrow to meet Greg at 13:00 near the sub pens. Afternoon will be the Nautilus tour, then home with Greg for supper and vampire movies. That has me driving the rest of the way on Thursday.

Bill sez that all he can find by way of snow tires is what I have $500 for a set of 4. It's still wearing the factory original rubber, which is rated for 40K miles, and the current mileage is only 27K. This can wait until next winter, but they'll have to be replaced in the fall, when there are sales and selection.

Today was one of those calendar/postcard mornings a thick snow fell last night and coated everything with a mushy white blanket ... snapped some pictures from the patio door before the sun came out and the patches started to fall off of the trees.

January 21, 1994 (Fri) 2:57 PM Lowell (Drum Hill BURGER KING)

Decided that driving down to DC (400 miles, 10 hours) was not just a Bad Idea, it was also a Stupid Idea. Actually, it was a "good idea, bad decision" because of the change in the weather.

The temperature all along the upper east coast has been below freezing for the last week. We've had 24 inches of snow in the last two weeks. Yesterday, the Federal Government to everyone to stay at home all schools and businesses were closed in our Nation's Capital. They even shut down the New Jersey Turnpike!

Anywho, I'll fly to Phoenix directly from Boston on Sunday morning. The side trip to Meteor Crater has become, "You can't get there from here!" The only tours are from Flagstaff (3 hours from Phoenix), and I'd have to spend an extra night there.

Talked to Uncle LeRoy yesterday ... he's still in mourning, and Lisa Ann is home from the hospital ... finished the scanning for the letter to Aunt Gloria and had 10 doublesided copies made, complete with typos.

January 23, 1994 (Sun) 7:13 AM Logan Airport

Well, the biggest change since my last flight is that there is no smoking anywhere inside the terminal ... don't really feel like going trough the metal detectors again, even though the flight is a hour away. The temperature was below zero when the driver picked me up, and down here on the bay it's probably colder ... I think that this is one of those days where the temperature will keep dropping, where the high for the day occurs earlier than the low.

The runways are clear, and there are just some hazy clouds. We got a light dusting last night, but not enough to cover the splashed mud & grime.

Brian&Jan and Roger came by yesterday, and we all went to see "Schindler's List", which was about as depressing as we expected it to be. After the 4th or 5th person had their brains splattered all over the walls, reality kicked in and I started reminding myself, "It's only a movie". OTOH, it sure looked as real as that Viet Cong who got blown away by Saigon's Chief of Police on the evening news twenty years ago ... so much blood, like an endless fountain.

I'd been putting off reading things to take on the trip, then discovered that I had more than I wanted to carry! I've got four issues of Cerebus, a new Frank Thorne 'zine, two multimedia magazines, "... and a Partridge Family CD!" *Not!* But I do have the CD player and some Bach on period instruments.

Left room for a Scientific American, because I saw this month's (Feb'94) issue at Lynn&Paul's last week ... the cover piece is about digital image manipulation, with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Abraham Lincoln together. My local magazine counter didn't have it, but the airport gift shop did.

10:53 AM CST Minneapolis/St.Paul Airport

It was a bit of a hike from gate 31 to gate 12, and as expected, I worked up a sweat underneath Busby ... sometimes I wonder why I bother. While landing, I noticed another jet at our altitude, a few hundred yards to port, obviously on the same glide path ... looked like we were headed to landing on runways sidebyside, but they pulled ahead and I lost track, so we may have just followed them on the same runway. Glad I brought my CD player ... a little Steely Dan takes the edge off the Minnesota No Smoking Anywhere Blues.

January 24, 1994 (Mon) 4:05 PM (MST) Mesa, AZ

The first day has been uneventful saw lots of old friends, missed others (Pat Harrow is not here, Ed Reid has been delayed). Had supper with Phil K. and his wife … she's an atheist, so naturally we talked about religion, while Phil sat back smiling.

Sitting in the U.S. TAG meeting trying to keep awake … this is what I have to do to keep my voting membership. At the moment, I'm wondering why I bother ... I have little interest in the work any more, but it looks good on my resume!

A lot of the faces are new, but half are familiar Some, like Richard Brooks, are conspicuous by their absence. These meetings have more to do with deciding how to go about making decisions than actually making them.

January 27, 1994 (Thu) 12:45 PM Phoenix Airport

Gee, I thought I had more recorded already ... Had supper with Nancy Flower on Monday. Skipped the Tuesday nerd's night out to join Ben Kassel, Lisa Deeds, and Burt Gischner for Italian. Last night I had the bell hop get Dominoe's Pizza delivered to me in the CALS/IGES meeting.

Changed my reservations to an earlier flight, so there'll be no special meals for me ... got to the metal detectors and discovered that I still had my room key I forgot to check out!! Called them and it's O.K.

Hmmm gate change!! ...

1:01 PM No, just a SNAFU 'm on flight 102, they changed & announced 102 both to MPL!!! If there had not been someone else in the seat, I'd have taken the wrong flight and not known it!

Just had my picture taken with Charlie Schifano, the security guy, the second headshaver I met this week, and another "blade" man ... he's as much bigger than me as I am than most people, and when he threw his arm around my shoulder, he really dwarfed me.

When he told the stewardesses, "Oh, yeah, this guy goes around the country getting his picture taken with other bald guys!", I pulled out the picture of me with Patrick Stewart, which legitimized his talltale and probably made him feel a bit psychic.

5:06 PM Minn/StPaul Airport

There were several crowds with camcorders at the gate ... some families waiting for their Asian babies ... I couldn't help but comment out loud, "With all the colored babies looking for homes here in America, how come they had to go offshore?" Nobody answered, but a few looked embarrassed.

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