DayBooks: 3 June 74 - Monday - 2:30 a.m.

Chic and I broke up Saturday night - very calm - I just don't provide enough support when she really needs it.

Sunday a.m. stopped by to see Karen - she found out the night before that her old man was marrying someone else.

Finally located Johnny (sic), and did the best outdoor nudes I've ever shot - she is the perfect "wood-nymph" - the Nikon fouled up and I lost a roll - mirror/shutter sync - must write to EPOI about it.

Did my first 16x20s in the new darkroom - no sweat, but washing and cleanup is a hassle - no hot water, have to mix chemicals elsewhere.

I'm all moved into my Meigs St, apartment - small, but comfortable - lots of books to sell, and I'll have more shelf space.

Mac's 28mm is sweet - shot some infra-red chromes of Peggy - bought a WR12 52mm filter - looking for a WR33 or equivalent.

Broke, tired, alone, and feeling more fulfilled than I've felt in years - a jar of peanut butter and the July Fantasy & Science Fiction.

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