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Gosharooty, folks ... I've been stuck in Dennette's closet for the last ten years, ever since he became a muslim and gave up collecting sexually suggestive anthropomorphic "funny animal" comics that just objectify women.

You see, I'm a super-powered, crime fighting bunny whose secret identity is "Cpl. Kelly O'Hare", (not to mention being any red-blooded adolescent male's idea of a "fantasy") and Joshua Quagmire only got five issues onto the news stands back in the early 1980s, so having a new life on the Web sounded like a Good Thing.

J.Q. made this colorized version of the QT Bunny Fan Club Button especially for this page ... actually, to replace the lousey one Dennette had here. Click the image to see a larger, 24-bit JPEG version of it.

"Cutey Bunny" and "QT Bunny" are a trademarks of Joshua Quagmire. There's not much here now, but you can contact Joshua at Josh@CuteyBunny.com. He has some images on Compu$erve, and I have copies of some early sketches that he gave me years ago, but they're personal gifts and I don't intend to share them here. So ... if you get to know me well enough to get invited to my crib, then you can see them. :-)


1998-07-07: Check out the QUAGMIRE, J.Q.'s Official Web Site!


Here's some more of J.Q.'s artwork fer yer enjoyment ...

Full color promo for Uncle Jøe's Cømmie Bøøk

Six page B&W story with the Welsh Rabbit and the Chocolate Bunny.

2006-03-23: More resources!

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